The meaning of life…

What is the meaning of life… Yes … what is it … play, propagate, spread the love for humanity …

I think the meaning of life is what you make it … There is no right or wrong … no answer in any book to read …

We are conjured up in a world of what society requires you to do and be ….

There is nothing wrong in it. For we learn how to live in society. Earn money, live, raise a family and become an obedient citizen.

We must choose what to do. What should we make money on, where we want to stay and the family should I get. Being a 100% obedient citizens is almost impossible. We sit in a car and start it, we break next unconditionally against the law. I do not usually walk around the car and check that all lights are working, and more, as I was taught in driving school.

If something happens in Thailand. Is it always my fault. For if I had not moved here, it had not happened … .. Simple as that in Thailand. There has been much much better attitude towards migrant foreigners.

So we tamper bit on the law and perhaps even worse, we tamper bit of life.

Is there a higher purpose, that we walk on this earth. All injustices that occur in everyone’s life. Why do we create them?

Many of us turn on ourselves, we do not do better in life. There are so many choices and what is best for me. What do I spend the most time with?

There will be many questions but few answers.

These are questions I’ve worked with people who come to me for guidance. After several months of talks, usually find the person to a different mood or a different platform.

They get a deeper understanding of how their lives work. Do I help them or?

Life puzzle where I look at the different pieces of the puzzle with them. Get them to find the right piece at the right place and create new pieces. 10, 20 or 30 years into the future, there are answers.

Was life, the ones they wanted to live.

This is the text number 7, the Artist Mikael Avatar published every Saturday or Sunday around 15:00 Thai time 10:00 European Summer Time.

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