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"Restarting and living your dream can be a huge challenge
and for most people, it is simply not possible.
But with some tools you can!"
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Resetting your life doesn't happen overnight, and it will take courage, determination, passion and hard work, but I hope I can inspire

you to take that important first step.

The book contains:


✅ Step One: Find Your Vision

✅ Step Two: Make Your Life Plan

✅ Step Three: Be Accountable

✅ Step Four: Stick to Your Goals

✅ Step Five: Don’t Do This!


My reset helped me find my calm

and my inner core.

When I landed at Bangkok Airport, 41 years old (2009), my last big journey began in life. During the 10 hour journey, from my native Sweden, I realized that I had finished traveling in the exterior. I have traveled and seen a lot in the world during my 17 year sports career. But without finding my inner core.

I want to start over in Thailand. I thought there were deeper layers in me. I sought an inner calm and my inner core. Wanted to find out why I came, to Earth and what I could best contribute to creating a better world.

I was still a good life coach, helping over a thousand people over the years, but it took me two years on beautiful beaches with wonderful sunsets, to go down laps and philosophize before I found the true essence, in me.

I had not realized how stressed I was of living in a performing Western society. Constant times to hold, impressions, meetings and society's needs. I stepped out of it because Thailand is timeless. Today after 11 years, it is constantly in me, a great calm.

When I found my core, also came why I am on the planet. One important reason is that as a life coach I want to share my experience of really finding oneself, and what it means, and helping others to do the same.

I hope with all my heart that the book and the six 6 emails you receive when you download the book will inspire you and make you want and dare to act from your core so that you create your way in life.

When I landed in me, in my calm, and met who I am and what I want, I noticed that those around me were drawn into it and also began to reflect. They noticed that it was something different with me and even expressed envy.

I have higher vitality, enthusiasm and it shines something out of my eyes. People notice it. When I say something, I have weight in words and people take it in. They notice that it is rooted in my soul. My core!

So when you come home to your core you also affect the people around you. It creates a chain reaction. When you are calm, you spread calm. When you succeed, others around you succeed more easily.

From the depth of my core to the depth of your core!
Good luck reading!

Fill in your name and email

click on download

and an email with a link will come so you can download the book for free