Avatar Energy Art

Create an energy shining source on the wall, which will make you, widen the path of opportunities in life.

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What we have around us reflects the possibilities

in the successes we seek.

If we own a jet plane, we certainly associate with others who also own a jet plane. If we have small children, we spend time with others who also have small children. If we do yoga, the bliss is great that we know people who also do yoga. That's life.

If you had an Avatar Energy Art painting on the wall, you would most likely attract people with similar Energy.

Avatar Energy Art challenges you to the new in life. The positive experience with a painting that is seen every day changes the attitude in your life. It broadens the way to attract new positive things for your progress in life.

Why Avatar Enegry Art art painting creates opportunities?

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Mikael Avatar was born dead in 1968 and did not breathe for the first 45 minutes. Only it is an achievement to survive. At the Para Olympics, Atlanta 1996, he broke the world record in front of 68,000 spectators, in the long jump for his injury class.


He was part of the first handicap manned sailboat across the Atlantic in 1988 under the UN flag.

Few people do what Mikael Avatar did during his years on earth. That's why an Avatar Energy Art painting creates opportunities.


With his spark of life and positive attitude towards opportunities, you are drawn in: If he can, so can I!

When Mikael Avatar sold his first Energy Art painting in 2006, this was what the buyer wanted at home. A painting that reminds him / the buyer of what is possible to create in the world. After Mikael Avatar's public speaking assignment, the person came forward and said: I will have that painting.
Mikael Avatar wondered why and the person said: I should have it on the wall before I leave my house, so I will be reminded of you and all the possibilities that exist only you want.


Since then, in 2006, many people have followed in the footsteps of the buyer and invested in an Avatar Energy Art painting to be reminded of the possibilities that exist every day.


Quotes from people who have received an Avatar Energy Art painting delivered to their home:

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Cecilie, Norway said:

These paintings should not hang in our home, they would be in a museum

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An American called me the day after I hung his painting. I thought he wanted me to get the painting back, which he specially ordered. He wondered if it was okay to print painting over his car. Kind of like advertising prints we see on buses and other cars. So in the US, a car drives with Avatar Energy Art as paint.

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Avatar Energy Art together 1 near hands.

An art project, with children ended with a symbol of "Mental training" and ended up on the front page of the book "Mental training history"

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